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Spirituality and Philosophy

    This page will be dedicated to all saints,who did
  live in our world in past,present and will live in 
  some future times.And will be tought for all peoples
  of the world,who feel their responsibility for our
  life here on the Planet earth and who think how to
  make here a better place for living for us all 
         Words move,music moves
         Only in time;but that which is only living
         Can only die.Words after speech,reach
         Into the silence.Only by the form,the pattern,
         Can words or music reach
  The stillness....                    

     "As far as I know,God is not sectarian.He is not
   obsessed with minor details of doctrine.We should
   quickly liberate ourselves from theological conflikt
   which results from blind attachment to doctrines and
   rituals.I think we urgently need to purify the
   religious atmosphere into one in which believers can
   have living faith and every soul can communicate with
   God.In God's heart is no discrimination based on 
   color or nationality.There are no barriers between 
   countries or cultural traditions,between East and 
   West,North and South.Through interreligious dialogue
   and harmony we should realize one ideal world of Peace."
                                    (Rev.Sun Myung Moon)        


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